Purchase assessment

Single user option– After you pay, your code will be provided to you immediately and by email and you can begin the assessment.

Group user option - If you buy a group account, after payment you will be provided with a single code to use for a limited or unlimited period, depending on your purchase. This code will appear in your email labelled Order Confirmation. Your users should enter the assessment site via the Take the Assessment man at the top right hand corner of the page and enter the code when prompted.

Options are provided below for career professionals, educators and organisations to use this tool on a Group account:

Single assessment purchase

Start here to take the assessment:


10 assessments (not time limited)

This option is provided especially for career practitioners and small business/organisation users, or parents who might like to make this available at home.


50 assessments (not time limited)

This option is provided for smaller schools, tertiary providers or organisations.


Unlimited assessments for one year (less than 400 users)

Unlimited assessments allow repeats if required, and continuity within yearly timeframes.


Unlimited usage for one year (more than 400 users)

This option is intended for larger schools, tertiary institutions and providers.


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